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Melo Properties, LLC
What's new?

6/6/12 -
We have made progress with the coin-op laundry in the basement and are planning to make it available to everyone next Monday 6/11/12. We currently still need one more washing machine and hope to find one soon. In the mean time we have one functioning washer and two dryers. We have also included two vending machines (but may start with just using one for now) with soda/drinks. The prices vary
depending on the type of soda/drinks. The washer has been set at $2 per load and the dryers are set at $1.50. As we’ve discussed with some, the monies collected will be used directly to improve the building and help the upkeep. It won’t be right now but once everything is running smoothly without problems we may eventually invite the residents of School Street to use the laundry. This will, if they use it, bring in even more money to fund any needed repairs. We know it’s been a while since we started this project and appreciate everyone’s patients!

7/30/11 - We are pleased to announce that the new improvements to the fire escape / rear porches have been upgraded with new railings and balusters.  We have also replace some of the steps leading to Unit No. 2 and the screen door for that unit.  We plan on pursuing the replacement (design/build) of the bulkhead (dog house) leading to the basement as our next step to incorporating the coin-op laundry.

7/17/10 - We are pleased to announce that the planned security camera installation is planed for this coming Thursday (7/22/10). Currently we are planning on putting cameras on each of the floors in the front common area, at least two cameras facing the driveway, possibly one on the opposite side of the house and two in the future location of the coin-op laundry of the basement. There should be little to no inconvenience to you while the security cameras are being installed. As always, thank you for your business!

1/17/10 - Heads-up from Water Department, warning that a significant change in water consumption has occurred. THE BILL CAME IN AT OVER $4000.  THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN AGAIN WITHOUT IMPACTING THE BUILDINGS FINANCES.

Letter for/from cedar

12/5/08 - We've just subscribed to the Bay State Gas "Guardian Care Plan" and are now covered 24/7 against water heater and heating system problems.  You can rest assured that if something goes wrong the professionals at Bay State Gas and Melo Properties, LLC are on the job, doing everything possible to ensure the best possible service!




11/24/08 - A new rubber roof has been installed protecting the building and everyone inside.

We are underway with creating a Coin-op laundry room in the basement and we are hoping to include 2 washers and 2 dryers.  Possibly some vending machines depending on space, costs and maintence.