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Now Helping Renters: In the past, we've only supplied people (renters) with apartment information and then sending them direct to the listing agent responsible for each listing.
We are considering re-opening the possibility of taking on new "rental" clients but it will have to be under certain conditions that some will not want or be able to do. We understand your concerns and wish you well on your search. For those who can provide the required information, we will be available, by appointment in our Raynham office for those who want personal meetings to provide their information. For all others that wish to become clients via our online portal, a link will be provided below that will allow you to become a client and provide full documentation.

IN EVERY CASE, WE WILL NEED: (a complete file)
1. Completely filled out and signed application before we show apartments.
2. Proof of income such as pay stubs and credit/eviction history (both need to be actual copies or print-outs that positively connect you to the information)
If you cannot provide your credit/eviction history, we can send you a link to a website that you can pull the credit and eviction history for each adult. This is 100% your option
3. Fully signed and filled out agency agreement and disclosure hiring us as your real estate agents
To set yourself up on the paperless system and fill out an application online, all you need is to click this link:
https://www.dotloop.com/my/loop/p/3ZIp1DpfAmm?v=3Nn7t. We will get a notice once the application is completed. You will also have the ability to scan and upload all the other paperwork required to complete your profile.
4. You will need to sign onto the mailing list to get automatic emails for property matches:

1. We connect you to the property owner. We don't make the decision to who gets accepted and who doesn't.
2. We process and submit only applications that meet the apartments minimum standards.
3. Minimum standards change depending on the apartment and owner. If our listings, we will know what those standards are; if not our listings then the listing agent along with the owner will dictate those standards.
3. Often owners show their own apartments and in that have their own applications. All consideration is based on a first come first served basis and if the owners have other applications in queue they may be selected in the interest of renting the apartment as quickly as possible.
4. Compensation to us, we will need to take on a case by case basis but our goal is always to be no cost to you.  You will never be charge unless you know about it and agree to it.

As always if you would like to talk about the possibility of OWNING a home we can set the stage for that happening now or in the future!

Melo Properties Team / United Real Estate

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